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The Company

Since 2007 the business’s founder, Roger McDonald, has been assembling a portfolio of services under the joint banner of UK Business Advisors www.ukba.co.uk and Rail Insights Ltd (formerly HighGround Management Ltd). The company also benefits from access to some 5000 skilled associates of the worldwide Institute for Independent Business (IIB) www.iib.ws. The company’s aim is two-fold:

  • To enhance and consolidate its specialist role as rail sector advisor to large companies/organisations and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs)
  • To offer a more general advisory service to SMEs in non-rail sectors

Rail industry specialism

Rail Insights’ rail industry credentials are already well established. We have:

  • Advised an exhibition and event business and an international lighting business, both seeking to break into the UK rail market
  • Helped an on-train IT support company develop its rail market
  • Advised a signalling consultancy on business strategy and market development

And, to date, nine small and medium-sized companies have been, or are being, helped to grow in the industry through collaboration between ourselves, the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) and EMDA’s agent, Transport iNet.

We have also carried out a study for EMDA on inward investment opportunities in the industry.

Skills, values and the way we work

The company brings a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and practicality to the party. We are also exceptionally knowledgeable, especially about the rail sector, as evidenced by our across-the-board senior management experience in operations, infrastructure and rolling stock. This, together with our excellent connections, sets us well apart from our competitors.

Our preferred style of working, whether in the rail or any other sector, is collaborative. We like to think of ourselves as taking a quasi non-executive director’s role in your business. It’s important for us (and you) that we are accepted as one of your team, supporting and challenging in equal measure. The closer the relationship the more effective we will be.

Finally, we are excellent value for money.