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Rail Insights Ltd has access to a wide range of business advice talents that can be brought to bear on the needs of companies of virtually any size or complexity and in any sector of the market.

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UK Business Advisors - UKBA™

UKBA (www.ukba.co.uk) is a national organisation comprising experienced business professionals, including Roger McDonald, who have a wide range of combined skills and experience. In common with Roger, all his immediate UKBA associates have been successful in business and adopt a hands-on approach to business advice. This means they can contribute something that’s both tangible and of practical benefit to client businesses.

Between them they cover the types of assistance required by most types of enterprise, whether manufacturers, technology companies or service providers.

All are accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).

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Institute for Independent Business

The IIB (www.iib.ws) is the largest organisation of its type with over 5,000 highly skilled and accredited Executive Associates, who work with many thousands of businesses, mostly within the small to medium-size enterprise (SME) sector.

Unlike large organisations and corporations, SMEs generally lack the resources to build a management team of professionals with experience across a range of business-critical disciplines. IIB accredited advisors can fill that gap.