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Consultancy for large rail industry companies or organisations Advice and consultancy for small to medium-sized rail and non-rail sector

Services for small to medium-sized rail and non-rail sector businesses

Rail Insights and its associates offer support services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), predominantly in the rail sector, via a consultancy portfolio that ranges from basic business advice to more sophisticated questions of strategy.

You will benefit enormously from the breadth and depth of our combined senior management backgrounds, from marketing, operations and supply chain management to direct involvement in management buy-outs.

Our collective insights into the needs of businesses, whatever their size, will be invaluable in helping you:

  • Define and implement your business strategy
  • Build your business development strategy
  • Improve your bid process
  • Win more business

We are not tied exclusively to the rail industry. Much of the advice we offer is generic and can be targeted at other market sectors through our links with UK Business Advisors www.ukba.co.uk and the Institute for Independent Business www.iib.ws. These provide access to a worldwide pool of associates, many of them experts in their chosen fields and a rich source of advice. The IIB is the largest organisation of its type. It has more than 5,000 highly skilled Executive Associates active mainly in the SME sector (see Resources).

You will not only find us intellectually stimulating but you will quickly appreciate our pragmatic, hands-on approach to your needs. And we will guarantee not to overlook anything that’s relevant, whatever we are working on.

For more on how we can take your business to the next level call Roger McDonald on 01491 414218 or email roger.mcdonald@railinsights.com

Case Studies

Onboard Retail Solutions

Onboard Retail Solutions help rail, airline and ferry companies to grow their non-ticket revenue by providing the hardware and back-office support to sell products (including catering) on board.

Rail Insights devised a marketing approach with the team at Onboard and actively worked to implement the plan, including arranging to meet their key people. There are a number of projects under development and tender, which will lead to a bigger business for them in the rail industry.

Lindhurst Engineering Ltd

Lindhurst Engineering is a steel fabrication company in the East Midlands. They are differentiated from other fabricators in that they pride themselves on complex problem-solving, particularly when there is a requirement for mechanical or electrical components.

Rail Insights (Roger McDonald and Fred Nash) carried out a project in May/June 2010, supported by Transport iNet, the agents of the East Midlands Development Agency, to identify markets in Rail and to advise on how to address them. The plan is being implemented by Lindhurst, who are confident of finding new markets in what is a very competitive environment.

This is typical of the many projects carried out by Rail Insights for the Transport iNet, all of which provide good foundations and plans for how to approach the complex rail industry.

Inward Investment Project for East Midlands Development Agency

The East Midlands is one of the biggest clusters of rail industry companies in the world. At a time when there is major investment planned in the rail industry in the UK, the East Midlands Development Agency were keen to encourage overseas companies to invest in the region.

Combining Roger McDonald’s rail industry experience with Jeremy Boardman’s Inward Investment knowledge, recommendations were made on how to use the advantages of the East Midlands to attract overseas companies and build on the success already achieved.

DEG Signal Ltd

DEG Signal carries out design, consulting and projects in railway signalling. They have a wide range of skills in signalling and a long list of clients in the rail industry.

Rail infrastructure investment is predicted to continue at a high level and Roger McDonald is working with the company on business development and company strategy, including business planning and management controls. The objective is to grow the company by taking on the most profitable and least risky work and reducing the pattern of peaks and troughs of recent years, driven by a similar overall profile in the industry.

Together they devised a strategy for identifying which companies DEG Signal should work with, with a view to working with clients earlier in the business development process.